Teaching and Learning to Love
Human Affectivity and Christian Chastity

Rome, 5-9 February 2018




Monday, 5th February:
The Christian Virtue of Chastity. Theological and Moral Issues


8.50   Reception of participants
9.15   Opening session of the Study Week
9.45   Theological Aspects of Christian Chastity: Allowing Faith, Hope and Charity to Grow
          S.E.R. Msgr. José María Yanguas, Bishop of Cuenca

11.00 Coffee break

11.30 Anthropological Issues: Training in Fortitude and Temperance
          Rev. Prof. Julio Diéguez, Pontifical University of the Holy Cross

12.45 Buffet Lunch

15.30 Workshop I
         The Use of Social Media and the Internet
         Luis Blázquez, Interaxion Group


Tuesday 6th February
Learning to Love

9.00   Daytime Prayer

9.15   Christian Charity and Self-giving
          Rev. Prof. Paul O’Callaghan, Director of the Center for Priestly Formation

10.45 Break

11.15 The Meaning of Friendship and Fraternity
          Rev. Prof. Maurizio Faggioni, O.F.M., Alphonsian Academy

12.30 Break

15.30 Workshop II
         Developing an Aesthetic Sensitivity
         Prof. Ralf van Bühren, Pontifical University of the Holy Cross


Wednesday 7th February
Free Day

Possibility of partaking in the general audience with the Holy Father in St Peter’s Square


Thursday 8th
The Psychological Perspective


9.00   Daytime Prayer
9.15   Detecting and Treating Problem Situations: Neurosis and Addiction
          Revv. Proff. Wenceslao Vial and Francisco Insa, Pontifical University of the Holy Cross

10.45 Break

11.15 Christian Respect for Children and Minors
          Rev. Prof. Hans Zollner, S.J., Centre for Child Protection - Pontifical Gregorian University

12.30 Break

15.30 Workshop III
         Helping Students Overcome Pornographic Dependency
         Prof. Carlos Chiclana Actis, Psychiatrist - CEU San Pablo University

Friday 9th February
Teaching to Love: developing a True Christian Paternity


9.00   Daytime Prayer
9.15   Free to Love the God who Loves
          Rev. Prof. Javier Canosa, Rector of Sedes Sapientiae International Ecclesiastical College

10.45 Break

11.15 Christian Paternity, the Mature Fruit of a Chaste Life
          S.E.R. Msgr. Massimo Camisasca, Bishop of Reggio Emilia-Guastalla

12.30 Buffet Lunch

16.00 Guided Visit to the Vatican Museums


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