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Requirements: the lessons are held in English, except for the exercises on Ancient languages, for which some competence of the target language is required.


The seminar includes 35 hours of lessons (15 theoretical lessons and 20 of practical exercises).
The registered students must attend part of a language course in the morning as auditors. A student who is already registered for the morning lessons automatically fulfills this requirement.

The course issues 4 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), in correspondence to the 35 hours of the methodological course (the 22 hours of morning lessons are considered only a complement).

Theoretical sessions:
A session is a 90 minute class on a specific technique that includes theory and examples. The sessions will cover the following topics:
1. WAYK (Where are your Keys)
2. TPR (Total physical response)
3. Story Building
4. Drama and works in pairs
5. Assimilation of Paradigms
6. Storytelling

Practical exercises (Latin, Greek or Hebrew: only one language selected by the student):
A practical exercise is comprised of a 10/15 minutes presentation from a student in front of 1 or 2 teachers using the technique. This time also includes a 2/5 minutes evaluation by the Examiner.

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