Summer course of ancient languages

In collaboration with the Polis Institute of Jerusalem, the University organizes in July some intensive courses of Latin, Greek and Hebrew. Classes are conducted directly in Latin, Greek or Hebrew, making of the target language the only means of communication in the classroom.

Polis Institute employs techniques that are usually used nowadays in teaching living languages. As such, it presents the richness of Classical Latin, Koinè Greek and biblical Hebrew through a series of texts that follow a natural progression.
With these we offer a Methodological Seminar for ancient languages professors who wish to learn the criteria of teaching through the Polis method.

The courses are developed over a period of three weeks. In order to participate it is necessary to do an online registration (Register). Registration fees are paid by students (they are not included in the university's academic fees).

For students of the Holy Cross the earned credits can be recognized, after request to their own dean, as credit of the License.

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