In order to attend a level higher than level one, it is necessary to pass an exam.

Students who wish to enroll in the intermediate level must have previously passed a test corresponding to the basic level.

Those that take the basic level must already take the corrisponding exam at the end of the course.Those that wish to enroll in the intermediate level without having attended the basic one, must take an exam in October before the beginnng of the course.
It is generally not advisable to attend directly the intermediate level to those who do not have very solid Latin skills (both active and passive).


- Basic level (no prior knowledge is necessary): 70 hours.
- Intermediate level (requirements: advanced Latin grammar; ability to produce a text - oral and written - in Latin): 70 hours.


N.B.: The minimum number of students to form a level is 13. If there is not a sufficient number of students, the University could reapply the didactical program.

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