12th Professional Seminar for Church Communications Offices



Inspiring Trust

Church Communications and Organizational Vulnerability

Rome, April 28-30, 2020


We inform you that the Professional Seminar Inspiring Trust was moved to April 27-29, 2021. It is hoped to keep the program and speakers as much as possible unchanged. The situation created by the spread of Covid-19 worldwide has forced us to take this decision.

We thank everyone involved for their understanding and for the work done in these months. As soon as the Organizing Committee has more details on the April 2021 edition, they will be published on the website of the Professional Seminar. For more information, please contact convegnocsi [at] pusc.it

In recent years, cultural and social change together with scandals and incoherence on the part of institutions have led publics to evaluate organizations more rigorously than ever. A culture of suspicion toward political parties, financial institutions, trade unions, the media, and also – of course – the Church, is now the norm.

Collective intelligence, public participation and misinformation are creating new forms of authority and allocation of trust. Some see it as the decline of "experts" and the fall of hierarchical structures.

At the same time, in today’s culture –global, collaborative, and interconnected– trust has become an essential element for carrying out personal and institutional missions. In times of change, it is important to reflect on the indispensable role of trust, its volatility and the ways to inspire it again.

How can those responsible for institutional communication transform their organizations to help them become more credible and reputable? How can they inspire trust today? 


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