Higher Institute of Religious Studies “all’Apollinare”


The Higher Institute of Religious Studies “all’Apollinare” (ISSRA) is an academic center of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, established on September 17th, 1986 by the Congregation for Catholic Education. The current Statutes, approved on January 22nd, 2010, acknowledge the provisions of the Instruction in Higher Institutes of Religious Sciences, promulgated by the same Congregation on June 28th, 2008.

The main purposes of the Institute are:

  • the theological formation of the faithful, laity and religious, through systematic study and scientific examination of Catholic doctrine;
  • preparation of pastoral workers for local communities
  • preparation for the various activities of the lay apostolate.

The Institute has a specific didactic methodology, which offers the traditional forms of on site teaching (lessons, written assignments, oral examinations) in a flexible form, suited to those who for geographical, professional or family reasons are unable to attend an Institute requiring daily attendance.

All didactic activity is carried out at the University.

The Institute fosters frequent dialogue between students and professors: lesson meetings are particularly important moments in this pedagogical relationship and therefore attendance is compulsory.

The dates of the meetings are indicated on the academic calendar.

Furthermore, a professor with the role of tutor is assigned to each student; the tutor's role is to help students resolve any doubts or difficulties regarding their studies, especially of an organizational or methodological nature.



August 25, 2017
ISSRA: sessione di esami orali
ore 15.00 (controllare in elenco l'orario per ogni materia)
sede ISSRA (Roma)
August 26, 2017
ISSRA: Incontro di lezioni

prosegue fino al 31 agosto

September 15, 2017
ISSRA: scadenza consegna domanda, versamento e copie tesi di Licenza (sessione autunnale)

Sessione autunnale (15 ottobre - 15 novembre)

September 15, 2017
ISSRA: scadenza domanda di approvazione argomento della tesi di Licenza (discussione sessione invernale)

sessione invernale (15 febbraio - 15 marzo)

September 19, 2017
ISSRA: Scadenza prenotazione esame orale (sessione 6.10.17)

In evidenza

La Facoltà di Comunicazione, in collaborazione con l'ISCOM e Harambee Africa International, organizza un nuovo ciclo di incontri del Seminario rivolto al mondo del non profit "Comunicare: strumenti, strategie e tecnologie per il non profit". 

Gli incontri di questa edizione avranno luogo il 27 gennaio 2017 e il 3 e 10 febbraio.

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