Course of Hebrew


Ancient Hebrew intensive course

with the Polis Institute method


Learn to speak ancient Hebrew as a living language!

The Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (Pontificia Università della Santa Croce) is pleased to offer a specialized course in Biblical Hebrew, intended for all those who wish to acquire a basic reading proficiency in Biblical Hebrew texts. The course caters to true beginners, and no previous knowledge other than the alphabet is required of participants.

In accordance with modern educational techniques applied in the teaching of living languages, students will be immersed in Hebrew from their very first lesson- by speaking, reading and even writing. We believe that the fastest and truest way to acquire a language, even a dead one, is through hearing it spoken out loud and practicing orally with the teacher and fellow students. Biblical Ancient Hebrew back to life is no easy task, and in our efforts to adapt it for our classrooms we got help from Modern Hebrew textbooks, making changes as needed. In this way we hoped to create a teaching method centered on ancient texts, but offering students a larger vista of the Hebrew language, and the opportunity to continue studies in both Biblical and Modern Hebrew.

The course will be taught by Eyal Nahum. He has had extensive experience in teaching Hebrew in Jerusalem to people from all over the world and is adept at presenting Hebrew to students in creative and innovative ways, completely in the target language.

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