Intensive courses - Italian (September)

About the course:

The course, organized in collaboration with Società Dante Alighieri, is addressed to new students of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross and aims to provide the students the skills to be able to approach the study of the courses offered at the University.


The course is open only to students enrolled in Pontifical University of the Holy Cross courses. External students are not allowed.

Dates, schedule and fee:

From 3rd through 28th September 2018; from Monday to Friday (9:00-12:30) + Tuesday and Thursday (14:00-16:00). The fee of the course is 330 euros (book included), and it must be payed on cash to the Società Dante Alighieri on the first day of lessons.


An exam to determine the level of Italian knowledge of each student will take place on the first day of lessons (absolute beginners can deliver the test in a blank paper).
Level I: absolute beginner level (for those who have never studied Italian)
Level II: elementary level (for those who have some knowledge of the Italian)
Level III: average level (for those who already know Italian quite well)

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