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On Thursday, March 31 2022, the School of Theology, the Joseph Ratzinger Vatican Foundation and the Libreria Editrice Vaticana collaborate for the Day of Study entitled The Church in Ecclesiology. There will be the presentation of the book Church: sign among peoples, from the Opera Omnia of Joseph Ratzinger - Benedict XVI More information
Judith Kovacs (1945-2020), was a professor at the University of Virginia. She was a philologist, exegete, and devoted herself to biblical as well as patristic studies; always striving for a theological understanding of texts. Judith was driven by a great love for Christian revelation and Church tradition, which was expressed through her authentic, open dialogue and ecumenism. This passion led her to always promote the works of her interlocutors and, in particular, young researchers. Those who met Judith were always struck by her ability to ask daring questions, which always stemmed from a deep curiosity about God and man's salvation. The Judith Kovacs Scholarship has been established to honour her intellectual legacy. Its aim is to promote a two-year call for
Promoting trust in journalism is a challenge that the media, not infrequently perceived as not very credible, cannot escape. From these considerations, the Day of Study on the topic "Trust in the media and care for relationships" took place, scheduled for Wednesday March 16, 2022. More information
Il Centro di Studi Giuridici sulla Famiglia organized its IV interdisciplinary Congress, to reflect on the family as "the protagonist of an integral ecology, because it is the primary social subject" (Pope Francis). As in the previous days of the CSGF, interdisciplinarity was characterized the dialogue and study of this dimension of the family, examined from a philosophical, theological, legal and ecological perspective. More information


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