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XIII Roman Meeting of Patrons

Rome, 31 October - 5 November 2017

A unique experience of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross and also of the city of Rome through its ancient and Christian heritage. XIII Roman Meeting of Patrons is an exclusive opportunity to perceive the inner spirit of Santa Croce University getting to know our students and our infrastructure in a way never before experienced.


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XII Encuentro Romano de Mecenas organizzato dalla fondazione CARF








The Alumni Association organized on Friday, March 17 (15:45, Aula Magna "John Paul II") the preview screening of the film The Healer, Lo Que de Verdad Matter, written and directed by Paco Arango


From April 4-6, Santa Croce co-sponsored The Napa Institute’s “Inside the Vatican Briefing”. Over 75 business leaders from the United States gathered at the University to understand the current challenges facing the Church.


This is the title of the 8th annual Storytelling Competition to be held at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross and dedicated to the memory of Prof. Maria Antonietta Paulotto Colombino. It is thanks to the generosity of the Paulotto family and their concern for the formation of the youth that our students are able to participate in this competition.

They will need to present a story or a video which uses words and images to narrate the spirit of Evangelii Gaudium. The participants will need to present that “Church which goes Forth”, so desired by Pope Francis and so longed-for by today's world, which now more than ever is in need of real hope. The deadline for the presentation of submissions is 15 April 2016 and the prize-giving will be on 12 May 2016. For any further information, please feel free to write to: alumni [at] pusc [dot] it


The Church is in great need of priests who have been well-prepared. In order to respond to this need the Holy Cross Development Department has green-lighted a new initiative for student formation. The new slogan “Give to the Givers!” signals the new fundraising campaign for the support and sustenance of future priests during their formation.

Our objective with this initiative is to establish a sustainable and reliable source of support for responsible planning and service to the future leaders of the Church, so that they will be prepared to serve the Church as God has called them.

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