The ALUMNI section of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross offers former students of the University the opportunity to maintain contact and exchange news, ideas, and pictures, as well as information about courses, events, and conferences.

It further promotes a rich network of stable contacts, which is an important resource for our University.

Moreover, it also provides for life beyond its academic dimension, organizing different activities such as concerts, guided visits, etc. This allows the students to experience university life not only academically, but also as a shared space where - in the words of St. John Paul II - one can "learn Rome."

With the purpose of sharing, via the stories of all the students who wish to participate, the inestimable richness produced by the encounter of many different cultures and styles of life, and of displaying the value of the multiculturalism in which we find ourselves, the Alumni Association organizes an annual literature and photography contest. The prizes and criteria for participation are published at an appropriate time by the Association.


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