Dale Parker

純真解碼 [Perché vivere la castità?]

- 這標準似乎太嚴格了吧!
- 如果這為我們已夠難了,你怎能期望非基督徒能過貞潔的生活呢?
- 這不是我與天主之間的事嗎?
- 我們既在電視、直播、互聯網等媒體接觸到拙劣的資訊,教會怎能要求我們這樣去生活?
- 所有人都在婚前發生性行為,這有甚麼大不了?


Why Purity?: Navigating the Confusing Culture Messages

The virtue of purity? Who talks about that nowadays?

This short book presents the topic to today's youth as a challenge to grow and mature into responsible and caring adults, capable of leading and helping others. The authors begin from the vantage of Jesus, who ministered to both young and old, and whose lessons are a call to holiness for us all.

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