Jerónimo Leal

Invitation to Patrology - How the Church Fathers Read the Bible

The work offers a brief introduction to some of the Church Fathers, accompanying it with an anthology of selected texts. Each chapter reproduces the teaching module of a lecture.
The choice of texts has been made according to an exegetical perspective, attempting to emphasize essentially the biblical aspects of the patristic texts that, while representing a natural continuation of Scripture and often contemporary with it, did not enter the canon as uninspired. It is, therefore, a thematic choice, which is one of several ways of presenting this subject.

I primi cristiani a Roma

Spesso si parla dei primi cristiani come di un modello per i cristiani dei nostri giorni. Essi costituiscono un esempio di naturalezza, di testimonianza della fede, di vita ordinaria in famiglia e nel lavoro vissuta assieme alle persone della loro epoca.

Pseudo-Clemente de Roma, Los reconocimientos

De l'âme de Tertullien (SC 601)

De l'âme de Tertullien

Collection Sources chrétiennes - N° 601

496 pages - nov. 2019


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