7th International «Poetics and Christianity» Conference


Dostoyevsky: Dwelling in Mystery

Rome, April 27-28, 2017

The theme of the 7th International «Poetics and Christianity» Conference, Dostoyevsky: Dwelling in Mystery, invites to a profound reflection on the relationship between the great Russian writer’s Christianity and modern man’s sense of emptiness.

The conference is a chance to analyze Dostoyevsky’s work from an interdisciplinary perspective (from theology to cinema) and highlight, through the many voices present in his writings and thought, the way in which he leads us into the mystery of God and man and continues speaking to us today.

Could dwelling within the Christian anti-moralism of Dostoyevsky’s narratives help overthrow the nihilistic anti-moralism of the post-modern era and render the world of the 21st century more livable?

«Poetics and Christianity», an international forum of study on the convergence of artistic culture and expressions of faith, consists in a permanent ongoing seminar and biennial international conferences. It offers a meeting place for scholars and artists from various fields and points of view.

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