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On Monday, November 18, 2019, the CASE Group, active in the School of Canon Law, organized the 8th Day of Study on Canonical Patrimonial Law, dedicated this year to the theme The "stable patrimony": guarantee or resource? > More Information (ITA)
On Wednesday, November 13, 2019 (3:00 pm, Aula Álvaro del Portillo), on the initiative of the School of Philosophy, the Day of Study "The personal being in the philosophy of Leonardo Polo" took place. Program   Playbill
Day of study and of professional training (Tuesday, October 29,  2019, Aula Álvaro del Portillo) on the role and responsibility of journalists and information and communication operators in a phase of tumultuous changes in the profession, marked by the pulverization of the editorial and information offer. The initiative is organized by the School of Church Communications and ISCOM Association More information
Also for 2019-20 academic year the Markets, Culture & Ethics Research Centre has organized a series of Research Seminars in cooperation with the School of Theology. This year the theme will focus on "Classical Political Economy: Philosophy of Social Sciences and Economic Science." The aim of the seminar series is to present students with a well-rounded perspective on the Scottish Enlightenment's philosophical and epistemological grounds for the method of the "Classical" school of political economy and the vision of economic development that thinkers from Adam Smith to John Stuart Mill presented in the late 18th and early 19th century. The seminars, taken mostly in English, will focus on the intellectual content of this school of political economy,
Familyandmedia Education is online, the new e-learning portal of the Family & Media Study Center of the School of Church Communications, which offers video courses in Italian, English and Spanish, focusing specifically on the relationship between family, media and society. The courses are given by great professionals in the field of communication and storytelling, in a professional manner, but are at the same time engaging and passionate. The platform is aimed at middle and high school teachers and university professors, but also communication professionals, parents, and those with a passion for education.
From October 22 to December 10, 2019, the Center for Priestly Formation organizes a series of training meetings concerning the theme of affectivity for the priest. /p> More information
The new issue of Notizie dalla Santa Croce, the free internal bulletin published by the University Communication Office, is being distributed these days. Download Now
On Monday, October 7, 2019, the Inauguration Ceremony opening the 2019/2020 Academic Year took place. The traditional votive Mass of the Holy Spirit was held in Sant'Apollinare Basilica (9.30 a.m.), presided by the Grand Chancellor of the University, Mons. Fernando Ocáriz, and con-celebrated by clergy from the different schools. In Aula Magna 'Giovanni Paolo II', the Solemn Academic Act took place (11 a.m.). Prof. Alberto Gil, from the School of Church Communications, gave the inaugural speech on the theme Rhetoric and University: two inseparable sisters.
The offer of the optional Licentiatr Courses in English, which complement the normal curriculum courses in Italian, foresees this year 7 subjects for a total of 24 ECTS credits, from the study of the Schools of Theology, Philosophy and Communication. The courses will be offered by professors Giulio Maspero (Trinitarian theology), Philip Goyret (Symbol of faith), John Cush (History of Catholic Church in the USA), Juan Andrés Mercado (Elizabeth Anscombe), Scott Hann (New Testament), José Ángel Lombo (Passions and virtues in St. Thomas) and Ralf van Bürhen (Christian Art and Architecture in Rome). Characterized by a methodology very close to the Anglo-Saxon


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