18/11/2019 17:23:53
On Monday, November 18, 2019, the CASE Group, active in the School of Canon Law, organized the 8th Day of Study on Canonical Patrimonial Law, dedicated this year to the theme The "stable patrimony...
18/11/2019 13:14:56
On Wednesday, November 13, 2019 (3:00 pm, Aula Álvaro del Portillo), on the initiative of the School of Philosophy, the Day of Study "The personal being in the philosophy of Leonardo Polo" took ...
06/11/2019 12:25:43
Day of study and of professional training (Tuesday, October 29,  2019, Aula Álvaro del Portillo) on the role and responsibility of journalists and information and communication operators in a phase of...
15/10/2019 12:41:38
Also for 2019-20 academic year the Markets, Culture & Ethics Research Centre has organized a series of Research Seminars in cooperation with the School of Theology. This year the theme will focus on "...
22/10/2019 12:11:11
Familyandmedia Education is online, the new e-learning portal of the Family & Media Study Center of the School of Church Communications, which offers video courses in Italian, English and Spanish, focusing...
23/10/2019 17:31:56
From October 22 to December 10, 2019, the Center for Priestly Formation organizes a series of training meetings concerning the theme of affectivity for the priest. /p> More information
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