Starting February 19, 2015, the Center for Priestly Formation begins the 2ª edition of the Masters in seminarian formation, a 44 hour course over two semesters for the ongoing formation of priest students in Rome.

Among the objectives of the masters, which is sponsored by the Congregation for the Clergy, is the improvement of skills in the context of completing formation projects, knowledge of the maturation processes of seminarians so as to better help them develop their skills, and preparation in the various forms of spiritual guidance.

The program will thus concentrate on areas of human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral formation and on the organization of the seminary.

On February 25 the Seminar on Ars praedicandi will begin.

Entitled Classical rhetoric and modern communications at the service of Evangelization, the course, lasting 12 hours total, seeks to aid priests with adequate preparation for preaching, departing from studies of classical rhetorical and offering practical applications.

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Tuesday January 20 2015, the Theology Faculty celebrated the Academic Feast of their Patron, St. Thomas Aquinas.
After the Holy Mass in the Basilica San'Apollinare, the Rev. Prof. Robert Wielockx (10.45 am, Aula Magna "Giovanni Paolo II") spoke on St. Thomas concerning certitude and freedom.


Friday January 16 2015, students from the Missouri-Columbia Journalism School, visited the University, accompanied by Professors from the Communications Faculty, as part of the program Europe Tour 2015 in Rome.
Among their other activities, the group visits St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican Museums and tours the historic city center.

The Group

From February 23 to 24, 2015, the XXII Seminar of the Philosophy Faculty will take place, on the theme “Philosophy as Paideia”. Further, the educative role of this discipline will be explored, from historical-philosophical, theoretical and didactic-pedagogical perspectives.
It is possible to send papers beginning January 10, 2015.

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Thursday January 15 2015 was the Accademic celebration of St. Raymond of Penafort, Patron of the Faculty of Canon Law.
SER. Mons. Juan Ignacio Arrieta, Secretary of the Pontifical Council of Legislative Texts, had a speech on the theme Prerequisites for a renewal of the central organization of the Church.


"To serve, serve" is the theme of the 7º Narrative Contest promoted by the Alumni Association, reserved to enrolled students and alumni of the University.
Participants must present (entered March 31, 2015) through a narrative or video an occasion during which they could serve others.

How to participate

March 3 and 4 2015, on the initiative of the Faculty of Theology, the Congress The mystery of Christ made present in the liturgy will take place.
Among the aims of the initiative is to "offer a theological reflection on the liturgy that directs the attention towards its center and root", that is, "the mystery of Christ".

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Monday, December 15, at 12:40 pm, the University Choir maked its first public appearance, directed by Mº rev. Ramón Saiz-Pardo.

In honor of the occasion, the singers offered the accademic community some Christmas Carols.

Rev. Msgr. Fernando Ocáriz, Vice Grand Chancellor of the University, was nominated Auxiliary Vicar for the Prelature of Opus Dei.

Taking his position as Vicar General for the Prelature is the rev. Msgr. Mariano Fazio, already rector of the University from 2002 to 2008 and, previous to that, first deacon of the Faculty of Communication (1996-1999).

Msgr. Ocáriz is a professor emeritus of the Faculty of Theology.

The academic community unites in pray as requested by the Bishop Prelate of Opus Dei and Grand Chancellor of the University, Msgr. Javier Echevarría, 82 years old, in a letter which communicates the appointments, in order "to give a renewed apostolic dynamism to the work of Opus Dei, to the service of the Church and all souls."

* In the photo, SER. Msgr. Javier Echevarría (right), accompanied by Msgr.  Fernando Ocáriz (left) and Msgr. Mariano Fazio (center), during an event at the University in 2006.

Letter from di Msgr. Echevarría

Biography of Msgr. F. Ocáriz
and Msgr. M. Fazio

Thursday, December 4 (Aula Álvaro del Portillo), the University held the award ceremony of the 2014 Novak Award assigned to prof. Oskari Juurikkala, Finnish scholar who is expert in economy and law, now completing a doctorate in theology.
Due to the award, prof. Juurikkala held a conference A free-market appreciation of Pope Francis.

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From November 26 to 30, 2014, on the initiative of the Institute of Liturgy and the Association Via Lucis e Nartex, the first annual meeting between artists and theologians took place, in which the theme Art and liturgy for a contemporary experimental work was considered.


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Academic Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Patron of the Theology Faculty, Jan 20, 2015

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