Call for Papers



All the participants in the Seminar are invited to submit Presentations.

The Presentations can follow the traditional pattern of an academic paper or present experiences, case studies, projects and initiatives considered useful for the communications offices of the Church. In both cases, the matters dealt with in the presentations should be related to the theme of the Seminar.

Abstract summaries for proposed papers must be submitted to the Conference office by February 28th, 2018 and should have a length between 800 and 1500 characters. The submission must be made exclusively through the user account.

The Secretariat will inform you about the selection of your abstract as soon as possible (in any case, before March 19, 2018).

Each communicator will have 25 minutes: 15 minutes for the exposition and 10 minutes for questions with the public. There will be another 5 minutes to allow people to change classroom in order to follow other thematic areas and to allow the next speakers to prepare their devices for their presentations.

If a Presentation will require technical assistance (audio, visual, Power-point, etc.), please indicate the precise requirements in the submission of the paper to the Secretariat. It is recommended to save your files in formats compatible with Apple Macintosh or come to the classroom with your laptop computer (and your adapter/cable for the video projection through VGA or HDMI).

We accept texts in Italian, English, Spanish and French.


Thematic areas:

1. Practices of freedom in the public arena: freedom of thought, academic freedom, religious freedom, freedom of information, artistic freedom, freedom of the press. Historical, philosophical, political issues related to these freedoms.

2. Freedom of expression on the Internet and on social media: cultural and educational perspectives.

3. Ethical and political dimension of freedom of expression. Developments and philosophical prospects. Legal and moral boundaries: different international approaches. Hate speech and abuse of freedom of expression.

4. Relationship between freedom of expression and truth. Role and responsibility of journalists and communicators in the various media. Fake-news, manipulation. Professional codes: rights and duties of journalists.

5. Church, Religion and Society: dialogue and religious respect in the public sphere. Religion and the sense of the sacred in the public arena. Secularity and role of the Church in the public debate. Initiatives of peace and interreligious dialogue.

6. Positive experiences of dialogue and respect in the media.


Conditions for the publication of the presentations

A selection of the papers presented at the conference will be published. In order to be considered for inclusion in the published proceedings, the text will have to fulfill the following requirements:

- The complete text of a Paper (notes included) should be no longer than 20,000 characters (spaces included).

- The final date for submission of the complete text is May 31st, 2018.

- The organizing committee requests that papers be submitted in an open electronic format (.doc .docx or .rtf).

The editing process will be simplified by following one of the two possible formats (the notes and bibliography system or the author-date system) allowed in the The Chicago Manual of Style.

If in doubt, see here:


Accepted Papers

List of the accepted Papers: program and abstract.

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