create_authorities_from_bibs is a Perl script useful for migrating (to Koha) from an ILS that lacks of authority records.
Based on a XML configuration file, it scans bibliographic records, extracts unique headings and prints the XML of machine generated authority records.

For more info, run -h.

The procedure in Koha can be:

  1. extract your MARC records in ISO2709 format to file your_bibs.mrc
  2. edit the config file create_authorities_from_bibs.xml to suite your installation needings
  3. run your_bibs.mrc > your_authorities.xml
  4. run misc/migration_tools/ -a -m marcxml -file your_authorities.xml
  5. run misc/

The script and its generic configuration file for MARC21 can be downloaded at:

Release Notes

V. 1.2: March 30, 2012

V. 1.1: March 29, 2012

V. 1.0: March 22, 2012


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