Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery

Internal Patrons

These services offer the possibility of obtaining resources that the library does not currently own from other national and international libraries.

The services are not carried out with other libraries located within Rome. They are open to professors, researchers, and students of all 3 cycles within the University.

As a rule, patrons are compensated for the shipping and flat rate costs that they are charged.

For more information, please read the procedures.

Interlibrary Loan

Up to 3 books may be requested from collaborating Italian and foreign libraries. To make a request, please complete the appropriate form.

Document Delivery

Copies of articles found in scholarly journals may also be requested from other Italian and foreign libraries that possess them. To do so, please complete the appropriate form.

External Patrons

Books or photocopies from other Italian libraries are provided to external clients within 10 working days, provided that the other library is not located in Rome, and that it does not reserve interlibrary requests exclusively to motives of study and research.

Since this service is carried out exclusively between libraries, requests made by individuals alone are rejected.

A maximum of three requests can be made at the same time by emailing the following address dd-ill [at] or faxing the following number +39 06 68164600. Please always remember to indicate the complete address of where the materials should be delivered.

The costs implied by this service are reimbursed according to normal procedures.

For further information, please contact the director of this service, Dr. Laura Rocchi at rocchi [at]


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