Reduction of Academic Fees

Every year, the university tries to allocate funds for the reduction of academic fees.

The reduction refers only to matriculation and enrollment fees and fees for examinations related to academic degrees. Therefore, payments for the issuance of various types of documents and certificates are excluded. Students who have scholarships cannot apply for an additional fee reduction.

All those who believe they are facing financial hardship may apply for a tuition reduction by filling out a form, to be submitted for the first semester no later than October 20 and for the second semester, no later than February 20.

The Study Aid Committee will review all applications and will take into consideration the applicant's economic conditions, membership in dioceses or religious orders and congregations particularly in need, and criteria related to academic performance.

The student will be informed of the acceptance or denial of his/her request by November 15 (for the first semester) and March 15 (for the second semester).

The balance due must be paid by November 30 (for the first semester) and by March 31 (for the second semester).

Recipients of fee reductions will be asked for photographic materials, articles, or letters that can be published by the donor foundations providing the funds. If these documents are not delivered, the fee reduction may not be granted.


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