Psychological tests

In psychological practice, much emphasis is placed on testing. There are many possibilities to assess personality, intelligence, various traits and symptoms of mental illness.

We have focused on tests that can be performed by the same person to learn more about himself or herself. None of the tests presented here allows a diagnosis to be made, as this requires a specialized medical or psychological examination.

We propose a temperament self-test, which allows us to approach the inherited characteristics of our way of being, which represent a gift. It follows the typology developed by Galen in the 2nd century, still valid today, and serves to develop all the good potentials present in every temperament.

Another test we present is a personality self-test, which considers the 10 most common types of defects that can lead to a character, or personality disorder. Useful items for improvement are presented for each.

Then, the Rotter test, to see whether one has internalist tendencies (everything depends mainly on me) or externalist tendencies (It all depends mainly on the environmental circumstances and other people). It serves to evaluate one's own level of responsibility.

Finally, we present a self-test of conscience or vocational test, to examine ourselves and see if there is consistency in our Christian spiritual life, represented especially by the Beatitudes.

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