Groups and Programs

The first day of lessons there will be an exam to determine the Hebrew level of each student.

Even students without any knowledge should take the test. Students who did attend previous levels on earlier years may go directly to the next level without taking the test, but should be present at the beginning of it.

N.B.: The minimum number of students to form a group is 8. If there is not a sufficient number of students, the University could reduce the number of groups.


Students are divided into groups of no more of 20 students each. The groups are not to be confunded with levels, which depend on the previous knowledge of the students at the beginning of the courses, v. gr., could it be that one year all the groups belong to level 1, while another year all of them belong to level 2.

The different levels of learning according to the program of the Polis Institute at the summer courses of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross are:

- Level 1a/b: (requirements: previous knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet. Learn the alphabet online!). Level 1a does not require the fulfilment of the entire program. Course Program
- Level 2a/b: (requirements: students who attended Level I in previous years or pass the exam on the first day of classes). Level 2a does not require the fulfilment of the entire program. Course Program

Learning tools:

A booklet for each group will be provided at the beginning of the course (included on the fee).

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