English Courses

The English courses are divided into three levels, lasting 2 semesters each, and are structured following the Common European Framework Reference for Languages.

English courses for students

Corso Docente
Inglese I (A1) Prof.ssa Helen Metcalfe
Inglese II (A2) Prof.ssa Sara Frigerio
Inglese III (B1) Prof.ssa Helen Metcalfe

The course has an annual duration: those who attend only one of the two semesters will not get any recognition from the University. Students who enroll in the course for the first time must hold a test to determine their most appropriate level. The test will take place at the beginning of October (for more information, please contact the secretary of your Faculty).

The registration fee is charged to each student and must be paid at the Administration offices (4th floor of the Apollinare building) before October 31st for the first semester, and February 28th for the second semester. The full annual fee to be paid is 430 euros for Santa Croce students and 640 for external students.

Lessons start every year in the second week of October.
In order to participate in the course it is necessary to register in the Secretary (ground floor of the Apollinare building).

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