The third cycle takes at least two years. It is geared to those who wish to dedicate themselves to scientific research and university teaching.

In consultation with the School, students develop a plan of monographic courses based on their personal curriculum. They also must prepare a doctoral thesis under the guidance of a professor.


Conditions for admission to third cycle studies (doctorate)

a) To be admitted to the third cycle, a student must possess a License degree in Canon Law, achieved with a minimum grade of Magnum Cum Laude.

b) The student must live in Rome, at least for the first academic year of Doctoral studies, and is required to attend the activities that will be indicated on the bulletin board.

c) If they have not previously done so, candidates whose first language is not Italian must demonstrate a sufficient knowledge of the Italian language.

Norms for Drafting the Doctoral Thesis

a) To have their dissertation's topic approved, students must present, by December 3, a request addressed to the Dean of the School, indicating their proposed theme and chosen Director, as well as at the same time pay the established fee. Further, they must attach an outline of their work, approved by their Director. The theme's approval is valid for five years, after which time it is necessary to ask for annual renewal.

b) Students must turn in an edited version of their thesis, bearing the approval of their Director, to the Academic Registrar. It will be given to a co-director, nominated by the School, who will offer his observations within 15 working days.

c) After having taken the co¬-director's observations into account, the student must leave seven typed and bound copies of their thesis, with their Director's signature on the title page, in the office of the Academic Registrar, together with the receipt indicating payment of the established fee. The Academic Registrar, after having placed the University's seal on the first page of the volumes, will give one copy back to the student.

d) The student will discuss their thesis in a public session before a panel of professors. The time period for this examination is from October to June of every academic year. To be able to discuss the thesis within the month of June, it must be turned in by May 15. The Academic Secretary will communicate the date and time of the sitting, which will take place no less than 20 days and no more than 40 after the thesis is turned in, unless the student requests a different term.

e) For publication of the dissertation, see the General Norms.

Third Cycle (Doctorate) Lecture Series

Students must attend the courses established by the Faculty based on their respective curricula.

Students regularly enrolled in the second year of Studio Rotale are not obliged to attend the Doctoral lectures which are mentioned above.

Anyone wishing to attend, as part of their doctoral lectures, courses or seminars of the License cycle that they have not previously followed, or doctoral courses of other Schools of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, must address a reasoned request to the Dean of Faculty before October 16.

È disponibile l'orario dei Corsi monografici di Dottorato per l'anno accademico 2016/2017.


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