13th Professional Seminar for Church Communications Offices


Relevance and listening:
communicating the Christian message in the plurality of contemporary voices

Rome, May 2-4, 2023

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Debates involving public opinion generate a plurality of voices, which in part enrich dialogue and in part produce confusion and tension, since the proposed solutions rarely leave space for those who think differently.

In addition to confusion caused by conflicting information, there is a public agenda in which certain topics often dominate and completely obscure -like black holes- issues that are equally fundamental to the individual and society, where the Church could enrich the conversation.

The Church's communications offices are faced with the challenge of broadening the debate so as not to get trapped in preconceptions that only reinforce certain stereotypes and prevent issues from being addressed in their full scope. 

In times of social change, one's identity is put to the test. In crises or rapid transformations, one is often unable to discern and clearly identify core values. Communicators can help those in charge of institutions highlight the essentials of their message and, when necessary, drive the necessary changes to be faithful to their mission.

The role of the communicator is fundamental in listening to different opinions and introducing serenity in the debate. A good communicator will take great care in choosing the language to express the core identity of the institution and call it to mind its mission.

How can internal dialogue be stimulated to increase trust among people who share the same faith? How is it possible to combine unity and plurality in the internal debate of the Church? Is it necessary to listen to criticism from the world? Is it possible for the Church to become relevant in the public debate and take the initiative in proposing solutions?


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