Conference Halls

The historical Palace of Apollinare is an attractive center located in the heart of Rome, alongside Piazza Navona, and only a few steps away from Palazzo Madame and the Pantheon.

It is home to halls and classrooms equipped for conventions, conferences, and seminars, as well as an internal catering service for coffee breaks.

John Paul II Hall

Arranged like an amphitheatre, this hall can accommodate up to 280 people in the audience, as well as 7 moderators.
It is furnished with high-tech capabilities: a speaker system, control room, 4 cabins designed for simultaneous translation, video projections, a large screen, wireless microphones, and internet access.
There is also a welcoming hall for registration, a reserved guest room, and a coatroom.

Álvaro del Portillo Hall

Located on the first floor, this room is ideal for small conventions or conferences. It can accommodate up to 110 people in the audience, and 5 moderators.
Technologically, the hall is equipped with a speaker system, video projection, a large screen, wireless microphones, and the capacity for simultaneous translation.
There is also a welcoming hall for registration.

Benedetto XVI Hall

Located within the Palace's ancient chapel, this hall is smaller than that of the first floor, facilitating the organization of seminars and conferences. It can accommodate up to 58 people in the audience and 17 moderators.
The hall has speakers and is furnished with video-projection, as well as the capacity for simultaneous translation. 

Others Halls

The use of other classrooms (containing 10 to 76 seats) is also available, located on the first to the third floor.


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