The Program of Church Management teaches how to manage the temporal assets of the Church honestly and wisely, in conformity with the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and with accordance to canon law.



The Program of Church Management (PCM) is a course organized by the Markets, Culture and Ethics Research Centre to give clerics, seminarians, religious and lay persons economic, financial and administrative skills in order to be exemplary in the stewardship of the ecclesiastic temporal patrimony.

It has become increasingly apparent that there is a need for a managerial-administrative formation for those who will be responsible for the Church’s material goods.

In raising awareness of this great need, not only have future priests and the economists of individual dioceses responded, but also members of the Church hierarchy, who are ready to contribute to a solution.

The Church needs to be exemplary in the stewardship of her material assets in order to give testimony to the Gospel. The pastoral use of her material goods is a constitutive element of the Church, and the correct dealing with money is an important element of the spirituality of any person entrusted with leadership roles.

Unlike secular business schools where students learn to create wealth and build businesses, this program focuses on how to serve the poor effectively and use the material assets of the Church honestly.

Participants learn the best managerial practices in conformity with the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and with accordance to canon law.

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On January 14 the former Prefect of the Secretary for the Economy at the Vatican, Cardinal George Pell, joined the Program of Church Management and the Global Institute of Church Management for a webinar on Creating a Transparent Culture in the Catholic Church. During the webinar, the Cardinal addressed some of the key points of transparency and how it should be pursued in the Church. 

“Money is a tainted thing that can fascinate clerics”

Fr. Joel Pacquiao Agad and Chrisma Bangaoil, who participated in the second edition of the Program of Church Management (PCM) in Rome, developed and implemented with PCM’s support the Love the Poor Program, that feeds the poor both materially and spiritually. In fact, in many rural areas of the Diocese of Dipolog in the Philippines poor people work every day of the week to feed their families, including Sundays. This extreme material indigence is linked to spiritual poverty, as people are unable to access any form of spiritual nurturance or assistance.

While working in the Vatican, Card. George Pell felt the need for a course in management and finances in Rome. As His Eminence himself wrote in his Prison Journal (to be published by Ignatius Press on December 4 – pre-order here), he “became aware of the challenges there [in the Vatican] and elsewhere and the occasional mishaps which have occurred in every continent.” The Program of Church Management was developed by the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome as a consequence to his request in 2017.

On November 12, 2020, a webinar on The Management Lessons of St. Josemaría Escrivá, in partnership with the Global Institute of Church Management took place. The webinar is part of a series of webinars on Building a Transparent & Accountable Church.


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