Building a Transparent & Accountable Church - webinar series

May 13, 2021: Financial Transparency for Catholic Schools 

Past webinars:

Sep 9, 2020: Organizing the Church: Pyramid or Team?, with Mary Hallan FioRito (Cardinal Francis George Fellow de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture, University of Notre Dame), Dr. John Hillen (Experienced CEO, Author, and Business School Professor at George Mason University), Fr. Robert Gahl (Vice Chair, PCM) and Pia de Solenni as moderator (President & Executive Director, GICM)

Oct 8, 2020: Recovering our Mission, with Michel Therrien (CEO and President, Preambula Group), Rev. Fr. Anthony Stoeppel (Vice Rector, St. Patrick's Seminary & University, CA), and Pia de Solenni as moderator (President & Executive Director, GICM)

Nov 12, 2020: The Management Lessons of St. Josemaría Escrivá, with Pablo Elton (Regional Manager, East Asian Educational Association), M. Sharon Hefferan (Executive Director, Yuma Center), Federico B. Riera-Marsa (President, Clover Foundation)

Dec 10, 2020: Financial Transparency in the Church: Now More Than Ever, with Dr. Charles Zech (Professor Emeritus, Villanova University), Kerry A. Robinson (Partnert, Leadership Roundtable), John Levins, AM, MBE (United Nations Official, World Food Program and UN Joint Staff Pension Fund)

Jan 14, 2021: Creating a Transparent Culture in the Catholic Church, with Card. George Pell. Moderators: Pia de Solenni (President & Executive Director, GICM) and Fr. Robert Gahl (Vice Chair, PCM) 

Feb 11, 2021: Financial Transparency for Dioceses, with Archbishop Anthony Muheria (Archdiocese of Nyeri, Kenya), James Lundholm-Eades (Consultant, Leadership Roundtable), and Fr. Cristian Mendoza (Professor, Pontifical University of the Holy Cross). Moderator: Pia de Solenni (President & Executive Director, GICM) 

Mar 11, 2021: Financial Transparency for Parishes, with Archbishop Gilbert Garcera (Archdiocese of Lipa, Philippines), Dan Cellucci (Catholic Leadership Institute), Bill Bojan (Integrated Governance Solutions), and Pia de Solenni as moderator (President & Executive Director, GICM)

Apr 8, 2021: Financial Transparency for Religious Orders, with Sr. Patricia Murray, IBVM (Executive Secretary, International Union of the Superiors General UISG), Fr. Carlos Raúl Balderas Ramírez (General Vicar, Siervos de Jesús), Fr. John Harhager, SM (Vicar General and Bursar General, SOciety of Mary). Moderates Pia de Solenni (President & Executive Director, GICM)

Stewards of Providence: Making the Resources of the Church Fruitful - webinar series

Dec 5, 2019: Management Science and the Mission of the Church, Rev. Fr. Francis J. Hoffman (Executive Director/CEO at Relevant Radio - USA)

Jan 16, 2020: Management Issues in Fulfilling the Mission of Catholic Health Care Organizations, Rev. Dr. Mathew Abraham, C.Ss.R. MD (Director General at the Catholic Health Association of India), Rev. Robert McCulloch (Procurator General of the Missionary Society of St. Columban), and Felice Barela (President of the Campus Bio-Medico)

Feb 27, 2020: Management Issues in Fulfilling the Mission of Catholic Educational Institutes, Br. Tom Kearny, CFC (Senior Lecturer in the Tangaza University College Institute of Social Transformation, Kenya), and Ms. Doris Fernandez Ferrer (Executive Director of the Private Education Assistance Committee, Philippines) 

Apr 16, 2020: Holy Entrepreneurship: The Entrepreneurial Skills of the Missionary, Dr. Barbra Wall Mann (Professor of Nursing at University of Virginia) and Sr. Anne Falola (General Councillor of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles)

May 21, 2020: Managing Networks in International Religious Congregations, Luca Olivari (Leader of the Consulting unit at LUISS Business School, former Advisor to the General Council of the Marist Brothers,) Sr. Patricia Murray, IBVM (Executive Secretary of the International Union of the Superiors General - UISG,) Sr. Gabriella Bottani, SMC (Global coordinator of Talitha Kum, the International Network of Consecrated Life Against Trafficking in Persons,) and Dr. Roberto Dandi (Faculty member at the Program of Church Management)


Other webinars:

Apr 6, 2020: webinar The Church's Response to Covid-19 Global Crisis: Pastoral and Management Challenges, with Rev. Francis J. Hoffman (CEO at Relevant Radio, USA), Dr. Michael Keppel (Founder & Managing Partner Keppel Managementpartners GmbH), Dr. Pia de Solenni (Interim Global Executive Director of the Program of Church Management), Rev. Robert McCulloch, SSC (Procurator General of the Missionary Society of St. Columban), Rev. Robert Gahl (Vice Director of the Markets, Culture and Ethics Research Centre)

May 5, 2020: webinar Transparency and Governance in the Church, with Claudia Ciocca (Former Director at the Secretariat for the Economy of the Holy See), Prof. Antonino Vaccaro (Academic Director of the Center for Business in Society, IESE), David Bender, Jr. (Partner Haynes and Boone, LLP), and Msgr. Martin Schlag (Director of the Markets, Culture and Ethics Research Centre)


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