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The Department of Moral Theology offers various courses in the field of moral theology to students of the First Cycle in the School of Theology. It is also in charge of directing the Licentiate and Doctoral Programs in Moral Theology. Furthermore, the members of the Department develop a continuing research on the more important areas of Moral Theology, among which are:

  • Fundamental Moral Theology. Its objective is to go deep into the historical and systematic studies of the virtue ethics within the Christian context in order to understand better the universal moral experience and the fullness that it finds in the Christian truth.
  • Theological Moral. It reflects on the ethical consequences of human openness to God, the life of grace, and the Trinitarian indwelling, all materialized in the theological virtues.
  • Morality of Life. In the light of the Christian moral tradition, it establishes a close dialogue with bioethics in order to give answers to the new challenges from the medical sciences and biotechnologies.
  • Social, Political and Family Morality. It aims to illuminate with the light of faith the various ethical aspects of social institutions and Christian action in the world, with a profound respect of the legitimate autonomy of temporal realities. The MCE Project ( is an affiliated think-tank geared specifically toward research on themes related to ethics and the economy.


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