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Catholic Social Thought On Economics And Business

The Catholic Church is heir to a rich tradition of reflection offering guidance to society and individual persons in their beliefs and their relationships with God, with themselves, with others and with nature.

Over the course of history, the Church has called mankind to strive toward a civilization shaped by the spirit and principles of Christian love. At the end of the 19th century, facing profound social change in connection with industrial development, the Church began to formally articulate its social message.

Beginning with Rerum Novarum by Pope Leo XIII, in 1891, addressing new exploitative forms of economic organization and reactionary ideologies, that message has continued to deepen. Ever since, Papal social encyclicals have taught the demands of justice and peace in society and the meaning of true development in conformity with divine wisdom and in connection with contemporary issues.

These encyclicals have increasingly challenged Catholic academics, business and financial professionals with the urgency of infusing market economy with Christian culture and with the importance of Catholic contributions toward a vision of a humane economy and its realization.

The core of MCE Research Centre’s mission is to respond to this challenge.

Research Areas

Catholic Social Doctrine

MCE and its network of scholars seek to "translate" the Church’s social encyclicals into ordinary language and to bring Catholic perspectives to public discourse on the most pressing challenges facing contemporary society and the pursuit of inclusive, free and just global development.

History of Economic Thought and Social Theory

MCE engages the history of economic thought and social theory to emphasize the fundamental importance of ethics and culture in shaping economic and social life and the need for a more profound anthropological vision to guide the social sciences.

• Humanistic Management, Human Flourishing and Business Management

MCE focuses on organizational management from a virtue ethics and business administration perspective to highlight the deeper human realities of work, study practices and policies that contribute to the human flourishing of company personnel, and the way that personal flourishing contributes to business performance.

• Social Innovation in Business and Finance

MCE analyzes the role of social innovation and finance in today’s world, evaluating the performance of innovative business and finance models in creating more inclusive economic development and shedding light on how businesses can foster a more humane economy.


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