Church of St. Jerome (Chapel of the Library)

San Girolamo della Carità is a church in the heart of Rome, located at the beginning of Via di Monserrato, near Farnese square, in the district of Regola.

In 382 Pope Damasus called Girolamo to Rome to entrust him with the translation, interpretation and comment of the Bible and have him as assistant, together with the bishop of Milan, Ambrose, to combat and eliminate Arianism, the heresy that seriously threatened the Catholicism which at that time was spreading and strengthening. Girolamo, coming from the East, almost surely went to stay in the house of Matron Paola said to have been on the area of the current church complex. From the 16th century onwards, the vicissitudes of the church are closely linked to those of the Arciconfraternita della Carità inside which the archive of documents is written the history of a meritorious institution and with it that of the interventions on the church.

Beyond the complex building of St. Girolamo is from that time also closely linked to the human and spiritual event in Rome of a great saint, Phillip Neri, who stayed there for a good thirty years

The Church now serves as the Chapel of the Research Center and the Library of the University.

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