First Cycle - Bachelor's Degree

The First Cycle requires three years and grants the Baccalaureate in Philosophy (Diploma or first level).

It offers an organic and structured program of study of the various fields of philosophical thought and its history, allowing the student to develop the capability of facing, seriously and in depth, the different aspects of human knowledge.

Students assimilate the method of philosophical research through philosophical readings, personal research, and a course on methodology.

Special importance is given to the right understanding of the intimate harmony between reason and faith to acquire an integrated view of knowledge.

Great importance is attributed to the study of Latin, Greek and modern languages, needed to directly access the sources of philosophy and continue with specialized studies of the Second and Third Cycles.

  • After the first two years of the First Cycle, it is possible to gain admittance to the First Cycle of the School of Theology.
  • Once the third year is completed, after passing the comprehensive exam, the Baccalaureate Diploma in Philosophy is granted, which allows the student to be admitted to the Second Cycle of studies (specialized License) in the School of Philosophy.
  • The Diploma meets the directives of the Bologna Protocol: and makes possible admittance to Second Level studies in other universities, upon recognition of the curriculum of studies.


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