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Acta Philosophica

Acta Philosophica is an international "double blind peer reviewed" journal founded in 1992. Since its inception, it has benefited from the collaboration of philosophical scholars working at universities around the world. In this way plays the role of an instrument of dialogue and collaboration between the various fields of philosophical research.

Particular interest is given to the dialogue between philosophy and science, and to the various issues arising from the relationship between classical philosophy and contemporary thought. Each issue is divided into the following sections: Studies, Notes and Comments, Bibliographical Guide, Reviews, and Bibliographical Notes. There is also an annual Forum section, containing the discussion of a recent book or a specific topic. Periodically a special Monothematic Section is offered.

For those dedicated to the study and teaching of philosophy, the journal is a valuable resource for up-to-date information and in-depth reflection.

The annual volume comprises two six-monthly issues of approximately 200 pages each. 

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ForumSupplement to Acta Philosophica, online publication, is a peer-reviewed periodical (ISSN 2498-9746) publishid in the form of an annual volume.

It mainly collects scientific contributions from the academic and research activities carried out by the Faculty. It aims to become a useful tool for personal study and in-depth study through the publication of essays introducing, analysing and commenting on classics and important philosophical works.

The contributions, which have a special DOI (Digital Object Identifier) making them directly available online, can be consulted on the Forum website, and downloaded in full in PDF format.

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