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The Institute of Liturgy is in-charge of organizing the Licentiate and Doctoral courses for the post-graduate degree in Liturgical Theology, and the Liturgical-sacramental theology courses in the undergraduate program in Theology.

First Cycle - Courses

  • Liturgical-sacramental theology: the sacramental economy
  • Liturgical-sacramental theology: the liturgical year, liturgy of the hours and sacramentals
  • Liturgical-sacramentary theology: baptism and confirmation
  • Liturgical-sacramental theology: sacred eucharist
  • Liturgical-sacramental theology: matrimony
  • Liturgical-sacramentary theology: penance and anointing of the sick

Secondo Cycle - Licentiate in Liturgical Theology

  • Conditions of Admission
  • Plan of Study
  • Courses of Specialization

Third Cycle - Doctorate in Liturgical Studies

  • Conditions of Admissions for Doctoral studies
  • Norms for Drafting the Doctoral Thesis
  • Discussion of the Doctoral dissertation and granting the Doctorate Degree



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