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"Like God’s gift to his Church, the tree of the Liturgy comes forth and grows.
Like a wise gardener, the Church accompanies this growth, making it evermore fruitful for the life of God’s people.
Like a grateful child, every faithful is called to wonder before this divine gift, contemplating it for greater knowledge and delight."

Through the Biblioteca di iniziazione alla Liturgia (BIL), the Institute of Liturgy of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross seeks to offer a series of popular scientific works addressed to a wide readership interested in themes concerning the liturgical celebration.

Giuseppe Ruppi

Mistagogia dei Sacramenti

Juan Rego
(a cura di)

Celebrare la misericordia di Dio

Giovanni Zaccaria
José Luis Gutiérrez-Martín

Liturgia. Un'Introduzione

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