First Cycle - Courses

The Institute of Liturgy offers two courses for the institutional cycle of the School of Theology.  These courses prepare seminarians, religious and lay, men and women, with an organic understanding of the liturgy and for its responsible and faithful celebration.

Liturgy I

The nature and importance of the liturgy in the life of the Church. Liturgy and the community. Hierarchical character of the liturgy. Liturgical families of the West and East. Development of the Roman liturgy.

Christian initiation: catechumens and baptismal liturgy; liturgy of Confirmation; the Eucharist as the culmination of Christian initiation.

The Eucharist and its centrality in the litrugy. Stabile elements of the celebration of the Sacrifice of the Eucharist. Ordering of the different parts of the Eucharistic liturgy, systematic and historical study. Eucharistic worship outside the Holy Mass.

Liturgy II

Liturgy of the Sacrament of Penance. Liturgy of the Anionting of the sick. Liturgy of Ordination. Celebration of Matrimony.

Sacramentals and other liturgical rites: religious vows; the consecration of virgins; blessings: funerals rites.

Time in the Liturgy. Sundays. The liturgical year; solemnities of the Lord included in it. Worship of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saints throughout the liturgical year.

Liturgy of the hours.


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