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The Markets, Culture and Ethics Research Centre (MCE) of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, Italy was founded in 2009 to study the ethical dimensions (social and individual) of economic and social life in a systematic and scientific way, in the light of reason and the Catholic faith.

Its purpose is to foster dialogue between faith and contemporary culture for the promotion of a positive transformation of society and global development.

MCE Research Centre’s activities focus on deepening and disseminating Catholic perspectives, through research and academic events, on the relation between ethics, culture and the economy and on the role and conduct of business in society. 

MCE does not align with any particular school of economic thought and is open to all traditions willing to dialogue with Christian anthropology and perspective. At the same time, MCE has an ecumenical and interreligious approach since social problems can only be resolved by a joint effort and in dialogue with contemporary culture regarding the meaning of a more humane economy.

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On November 24 dott.ssa Claudia Ciocca will talk about Real Estate Management as Stewardship from 8:45am to 12:30pm.

The class is part of the Program of Church Management (PCM), a year-long part-time course on how to use the material assets of the Church honestly, using best managerial practices in conformity with the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

PCM’s second cohort starts on February 2019. It is compatible with existing studies at any Pontifical University in Rome. If you are working for ecclesiastical organizations throughout the world you can also apply for one or more of the Intensive Weeks.

pcm [at] pusc.it (Please register here)

On February 5, 2018, a course of formation "Program of Church Management" for priests, lay persons and members of religious orders who work for the Church in economic and administrative capacities, begins, organized by the Markets, Culture & Ethics Research Center. 

Program of Church Management

The Program of Church Management consists in two terms, with 4 full time weeks and a total of 296 teaching and training hours.

Our Research Centre is glad to announce the first Rome Conference on Forgiveness, held in January, 18, 2018 from 2:00 PM to 6:30 PM at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.

The Conference, in collaboration with the International Forgiveness Institute, the Rotarian Action Group for Peace, and the Relational Ontology Research, will concern the Virtue of Forgiveness Formation in Educational Programs to Promote Peace.
The admission is free, to registrate for mail to mce.office [at] pusc.it with name, surname, and institution of provenience by January 10, 2018.
English-Italian interpreting available.


Press Accreditation

MCE Research Seminars are part of an ongoing series of seminars aimed at professors, researchers, and students at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. The series hosts lecturers from the PUSC (professors and doctoral students) as well as guests lecturers from other universities in Italy and abroad. The seminars cover a broad range of topics within the lines of research of the MCE Research Centre and typically run one hour, including time for both the presentation and discussion.


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