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The Markets, Culture and Ethics Research Centre (MCE) of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, Italy was founded in 2009 to study the ethical dimensions (social and individual) of economic and social life in a systematic and scientific way, in the light of reason and the Catholic faith.

Its purpose is to foster dialogue between faith and contemporary culture for the promotion of a positive transformation of society and global development.

MCE Research Centre’s activities focus on deepening and disseminating Catholic perspectives, through research and academic events, on the relation between ethics, culture and the economy and on the role and conduct of business in society. 

MCE does not align with any particular school of economic thought and is open to all traditions willing to dialogue with Christian anthropology and perspective. At the same time, MCE has an ecumenical and interreligious approach since social problems can only be resolved by a joint effort and in dialogue with contemporary culture regarding the meaning of a more humane economy.



In evidenza

In the middle of the pandemic, Klaus Schwab, chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), and Thierry Malleret published “The Great Reset”. In the book, the authors foresee profound and lasting changes in society and the economy, due to the pandemic. The publication had a great impact and led the discussion of the WEF 2021 initiative.

The Markets, Culture and Ethics Research Centre (MCE) realized the urgency to join the conversation and decided to launch a video series on “The Great Reset” from the point of view of Catholic Social Thought with Prof. Martin Schlag, MCE Director.

We publish the video below:


As part of its seminar activity, the Markets, Culture and Ethics (MCE) Research Centre organized the webinar series Humanistic Management: In the Market, which Culture to act according to Ethics?

From June 23-24, 2022 we hold the 12th International Conference on Catholic Social Thought and Business Education in conjunction with the 8th Colloquium on Christian Humanism in Business and Society at the University of Public Service – Ludovika, Budapest, Hungary. The conference theme is Freedom, Subsidiarity, and the Spirit of Gift. Please find here the Call for Papers.


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