Condizioni di ammissione agli studi del Secondo Ciclo

Candidates for the Second Cycle of Philosophy (only if they have completed the three-year First Cycle and obtained the Bachelor's Degree of Ecclesiastical in Philosophy with the minimum grade of Cum laude 8.0) may be admitted without special tests. If they have not obtained the Bachelor's Degree, or if they have completed the two-year institutional studies or the six-year philosophical-theological studies at schools or higher institutes approved by the ecclesiastical authority (seminaries, religious studentships, etc.) with the minimum average grade of Cum laude (8.0) in the philosophical disciplines, they will have to enrol in the First Cycle of the Faculty of Philosophy to complete the third year and obtain the three-year Bachelor's Degree. Their study programme will take into account the courses they have passed and any other studies in the field of philosophy that may be recognised.

Students in possession of a three-year degree obtained in a non-ecclesiastical institution may apply for admission to the Second Cycle by presenting their study certificates accompanied by the Diploma supplement (DS). Depending on the correspondence between the studies completed and the order of studies, the Faculty will determine whether it will be necessary to supplement their training with some courses of the First Cycle before enrolling in the Licentiate.

Before the start of the academic year, all students whose native language is not Italian must demonstrate, by means of a special examination, a sufficient command of Italian to attend courses with profit. Should the student's command of Italian prove unsatisfactory, he/she must attend an Italian course and pass the relevant examination. In any case, before the examinations of the winter and summer sessions and as an indispensable condition for taking them, the student must have already passed the required level of Italian.


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